December 2021

Praise for Podcasters

How do you select and use podcasts? I had the pleasure to connect and exchange with some great podcasters this year, and here’s well-deserved praise for them!

Who Decides from Santa’s Chair?

An executive team discovered that they were spending too much time in Santa’s chair, instead of letting the right key players in the business take the chair and make the call. How about in your organization? Are decisions being made at the right level in the company or are too few people holding onto Santa’s chair?

How about a good book to light your fire?

Looking for a meaningful book to light your fire? Here are some suggestions from my side. All four are a great read and led to meaningful reflection for me. Perhaps this will inspire your holiday giving or be a new resource for you to explore over the holidays.

Overstuffing Your Stategy?

More is not always better. Adding new initiatives to your strategic agenda before having the difficult conversations about what to take out, leads to an overstuffed strategy that does not perform.

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