February 2022

Create a Senseful Strategy #5

Leadership teams fall short of their strategic ambitions, in many instances, because they settle for strategy authorship, rather than strategic ownership. Just because a leadership team has created strategy (authorship) does not mean they and the organization own it.

Make Meetings Matter #4

Creating and leading meetings that matter is the single most valuable situation you have to create a culture of ownership and breakthrough results for your business. Why is your executive meeting the best meeting in the company?

Result-Oriented Structures #3

Results-oriented structures important because they ensure 1) clear roles and responsibilities, 2) an effective communication system, 3) defined feedback loops and 4) clear decision-making processes. As signature strength, how is a results-oriented framework showing up in your leadership team?

Purposeful Practices #2

Leadership teams that drown in organizational firefighting and do not invest in the signature strength of purposeful practices struggle because they do not define their team “why” nor align their actions or created a shared vocabulary for high performance. Here’s what is important for you to know.

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Dan Norenberg improves leadership performance and organization results through Executive Ownershift®, his transformational growth process for executive teams. As a trusted advisor, consultant and professional speaker, Dan’s mission is to enable executive teams and their organizations to play at their best.