April 2024

The Cobbler’s Children Go Barefoot

Like the cobbler, who does not see that only his children do not have shoes, executive leadership teams that fail to put themselves under the critical lens of continuous improvement miss the opportunity to own the transformation they so often ask of others. Learn the signs of a resistant executive or resistant executive team.

In some organizations, the official word is, “We trust you, you are our most important asset”, yet through unwritten rules and actions, they say, “We do not really trust you and in fact, if you want something, you have to go up three levels in the organization to get approval because trust is reserved for an exclusive and select few here”. How does your leadership team use trust to create a culture of ownership?

Miserable or Magnificent Failure?

We are all going to fail, at many aspects of life and business. While failing is an unavoidable fact of life, we can choose how we fail. A leader’s role is to help people fail magnificently. How about you, and your leadership team – in what ways are you supporting your people to fail magnificently or are you a part of a miserable failure culture?

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Dan Norenberg improves leadership performance and organization results through Executive Ownershift®, his transformational growth process for executive teams. As a trusted advisor, consultant and professional speaker, Dan’s mission is to enable executive teams and their organizations to play at their best.