A 600-year-old leadership team off-site location?

A 600-year-old leadership team off-site location?

That is just not possible, I thought to myself.

Not only was the leadership off-site venue the oldest I have ever worked at; it was also one of the best locations, at least when looking at the outcomes created by the Magnuson Hotels Leadership Team, who used this location recently.

The Spread Eagle Hotel & Spa, located in Midhurst (West Sussex) is an hour train ride from London and was an ideal meeting point for a global leadership team that had been working across two continents virtually for the past 24 months.

They are an ambitious leadership team with a powerful mission; empowering hotel owners, not by telling them who to be, but by providing comprehensive support and customized technology to succeed in their local market.

Facilitating and supporting leadership team growth is always easier when teams have a powerful mission and big ideas, and this team had both.

I look  for off-site venues that are conducive to breakthrough learning and results – so if you have a leadership team that is looking for fertile ground to take their next big steps, I can highly recommend the Spread Eagle Hotel & Spa in Midhurst.

And if you are looking for an innovative company with opportunities, check out Magnuson Hotels – they are looking for talented and passionate professionals for their organization.

How about you, what wonderful off-site learning venues have you used that you can share with others?


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