Are You Hoarding Priorities

Are You Hoarding Priorities

When we hold onto too many priorities, it is impossible to get the real job done, just like this poor soul in the picture.

If everything is a priority in your team, or your organization, then nothing is a priority.

How does your organizational culture encourage or discourage hoarding?

Is there a razor sharp focus of what matters in your organization and what doesn’t? Do projects and product launches finish ahead of deadline and under budget? Are people practicing strategic quitting, that is abandoning the good initiatives so you have the energy and resources to deliver on the great ones?

As a senior leader, check to see if you implicitly or explicitly support a hoarding mentality in your organization. You may not be a hoarder yourself, yet in some way, you are very likely discouraging people from letting go of the less important initiatives.

Becoming the leadership team that you want to be, but have not dared to be, is a step by step process. When you discourage priority hoarding, this is a good step in that direction.


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