Becoming a Strategic Leader

Becoming a Strategic Leader

What is the most strategic decision you have made in the last 60 days, personally or professionally?

When you look at the decision or decisions you selected, why did you consider it a strategic decision? What you selected is not as important as why you considered your response a strategic decision.

When we unpack what constitutes a strategic decision, the following characteristics emerge:

-longer term impact

-tied to a personal or organizational purpose

-future oriented and a person, team and organizational change in speed or direction

-involves me personally and emotionally, and many others as well

-there is uncertainty and risk involved; success is not guaranteed

A strategic leader recognizes the characteristics, challenges and uncertainty of strategic decisions and is prepared to decide, even when the path ahead is not so straightforward and predictable.

How do you and the leaders around you shift from operational leadership into strategic leadership? If you are interested in developing your strategic leadership skills, consider joining me and other strategic leaders to strengthen these skills this October in Munich.

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