Becoming a Strategic Leader Program

A Strategic Leader is confident and capable of creating a shared vision of future success, developing a challenging yet doable approach to fulfil this vision, and enabling people who often think differently to work together towards this common purpose.

This means executing strategy and leading change in uncertain environments, while managing difficult people issues where there are many ways forward.

The Strategic Leader understands that to be competitive, they must continually innovate and improve their business. This means selecting, implementing, and executing activities differently and better than rivals do.

This program has three aims, 1) help you become more strategic in your thinking and acting, 2) provide powerful tools that significantly accelerate your strategic impact and 3) enable you to lead people and teams that buy-in and take ownership for transformation and your strategic mission.

Target group
Leaders who lead other managers and others who are intent on becoming a more Strategic Leader.

Program Overview

Becoming a Strategic Leader Program has four parts:

Part I – Strategic Pre-Program Activity – reflection, assessment, and personal evaluation of where you see yourself today as a leader, why becoming a strategic leader is important to you and what you expect and want to achieve in this program.

Part II – The Strategic Leadership Program, consistently of module I and module II, each two days of intensive face to face work.

Part III – Personal one-on-one executive coaching for three months between modules I and II, as well as small group exchanges between the two-day intensive sessions.

Part IV – Creation and implementation of your self-directed post program action plan, accelerating your ambitions and actions, that you will take back to your business function and overall organization.

Module I Themes

Crafting and Implementing Strategy

  • Strategy semantics, how to create a common strategy language for speed and results
  • Create and communicate a purposeful vision that attracts and engages others
  • Map personal leadership practices; learn to think and act more strategically
  • Lead strategic conversations that encourage engagement and ownership
  • Build a strategic toolkit, with the strategy diamond, strategic profile, & uncertainty maps
  • Lead and facilitate the implementation of a senseful strategy
  • Learn to sequence and align strategic initiatives and actions
  • Precision priority setting and creating functional alignment
  • Leveraging the four degrees of execution and letting go of low-performance initiatives

Module II Themes

Leading People and Change Effectively

  • Learn and practice a systematic approach to develop high performance teams
  • The A, B, Cs of engagement and ownership
  • Recoding VUCA for personal and team growth
  • Managing differences, conflict and resistance through change and transformation
  • Encourage risk taking and while utilizing the three degrees of failure
  • Develop a feedback culture and lead highly effective meetings
  • Develop deeper confidence and competence that accelerates effective change in your business​
  • Practice coaching and mentoring through the cycles of personal change and business transformation​
  • Communicate clearly and effectively in demanding situations

Dates & Location

Module I, October 12-13, 2022 & Module II, January 25-26, 2023. Both modules will take place in Munich, location details to follow.


6990 EUR. Price for a second “partner” participant is 4990 EUR, plus VAT. These fees include pre-program materials, two face to face modules in Munich (lunch included) three months of executive coaching for each participant, post program protocols and support to help each Strategic Leader develop their action plan.

Program Leader, Strategic Facilitator, and Executive Coach

Dan Norenberg, Executive Ownershift

Contact Information

Dan Norenberg
Wensauerplatz 11
81245 Munich
Phone: +49 172 862 5123

About Dan Norenberg

Dan Norenberg improves leadership performance and organization results through Executive Ownershift®, his transformational growth process for executive teams. As a trusted advisor, consultant and professional speaker, Dan’s mission is to enable executive teams and their organizations to play at their best.