Beyond Talent and Skill

 Beyond Talent and Skill

After winning the village archery contest, the young champion challenged an old man in the crowd, who had been the reigning champion for many years. After the young champion hit the distant bullseye on his first try, and then split that arrow with his second shot, he said to the old man, “See if you can match that!”

The elderly champion did not draw his bow. Instead, he invited the young archer to follow him up the mountain. Curious about what the old man had in mind; the archer followed him high into the mountain until they reached a deep chasm spanned by a long log. Calmly stepping out onto the middle of the now unsteady bridge, the old master picked a faraway tree as a target, drew his bow, and fired a clean, direct hit.

“Now it’s your turn,” he said as he stepped off the log.

Staring into the seemingly bottomless canyon, the young man could not force himself to step out onto the log, no less shoot at a target. “You have much skill with your bow,” the old man said, “but you have little skill with the mind that lets loose the shot.”

Talent and skill are important, yet it is a disciplined and focused mind that enables us overcome distraction, delivery in difficult situations, and truly master an art.

How do you constructively challenge your team to step beyond their talent and skills?


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