Nesting in the Executive Team?

Nesting in the Executive Team?
Struggling to deliver on your strategy? Lack of urgency in your organization? Watching your competitors do things you’ve thought about but didn’t translate into action? The three questions above address fundamental aspects of business growth. Growth is vital, for if you’re not growing, you’re not succeeding. It’s pleasant to be…

Use Humor That Helps, Not Hurts Your Business

Use Humor That Helps, Not Hurts Your Business
Laughter reduces stress, anxiety and pain. It’s a sign of intelligence and boosts our sense of well-being. Humor, applied appropriately,  increases creativity, commitment and motivation on the job. Ultimately, it benefits business by raising key measures like productivity and innovation. With the case for humor apparently so clear, shouldn’t we make leading with…

Tenzin from Tibet

It’s 4 a.m. in San Francisco. Unable to sleep after travelling and working through nine time zones in the past four days, I went down to the front desk to extend my hotel room for another day. The young, soft-spoken night manager handled my request. His English had a footprint…

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Dan Norenberg improves leadership performance and organization results through Executive Ownershift®, his transformational growth process for executive teams. As a trusted advisor, consultant and professional speaker, Dan’s mission is to enable executive teams and their organizations to play at their best.