Build a company that improves every day

Build a company that improves every day

How do you build a company that improves every day?

One meeting at a time.

Let me explain.

Dozens, hundreds, and perhaps even thousands of meetings are taking place across your business every day, depending on the size of your organization.

Your meeting culture is a subset of your organizational culture so this is an ideal starting point to drive continuous improvement throughout the business.

At the end of every meeting, share the visual that you find at the top of this post. (Without the dots.)

Ask people to think about the business results they achieved at the meeting (from their point of view) and how they would rate the collaborative climate in the meeting.

People place one dot (you can do this F2F or virtually) as to how they experienced the meeting (the intersection of results orientation and collaborative climate).

It’s natural that people may have different experiences.

Then close with the question, “What’s the one thing we can do to make our next meeting more results-oriented or collaborative?

The personal viewpoints in the process visual and the opened ended closing question are feedback and fuel to power continuous improvements in your meetings, and across your business.

To improve reflection in the team and help everyone understand different viewpoints, you can also ask people to share why they placed their dot where they did.

Encourage everyone to listen without judgement, and as the leader, think how you can use these insights to create more effective meetings.

This is one of the tools I share in my recent book, “Executive Ownershift, Creating Highly Effective Leadership Teams”.

It’s important to remember the way we do anything is the way we do everything.

This starts with meetings.

How do you drive continuous improvement in your business?

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