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Three brothers lived in a faraway village and were known as Past, Present, and Future.

Past, the eldest of the three was a wise and contemplative soul and carried with him the memories of all that had come before. Present, the middle brother, was full of energy and enthusiasm. He embraced the joys and challenges of each passing moment. Future, the youngest brother, was a dreamer and visionary.

Each brother was proud of his name and all that went with it, yet through sharing and listening, they came to the realization that true wisdom lay in finding harmony between the past, the present, and the future.

From that day forward, the brothers vowed to support and learn from one another. They embarked on a journey, sharing their perspectives with people they encountered along the way. Their stories and insights brought comfort, inspiration, and a deeper understanding of life to all who listened.

The brothers became revered figures throughout their region, reminding everyone of the importance of accepting the past, being in the present, and imagining a bright future. Their interconnected relationship reminded everyone that wisdom can be gained by embracing all aspects of life.

Much of the business dysfunction I observe has to do with people’s inability or lack of willingness to relate to the perspectives and ideas of others. In these early days of the new year, give yourself permission to accept (the past), stay connected (to the present), and optimistically imagine (the future).

Enjoy the January news2use, and I wish you a healthy and abundant 2024, and beyond.



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For You

“I know intellectually that I need to let go and stop doing certain activities, but I just don’t know where to start this process.”

Sound familiar?

Let me share what I learned about letting go, from two of my mentors.

Dr David Drake, the father of Narrative Coaching reminded me to:

1) let go of who others think you are.

2) let go of who you think you are.

3) let go of who you think you need to be.

4) let go of what you think you are supposed to do.

And Dr. Marshall Goldsmith gave me the A.I.W.A.T.T. framework.

Am I willing, at this time, to make the investment required to make a positive difference on this topic?

If the answer is no, Marshall says, just let it go.

It is wonderfully exciting to take on new ambitious goals and activities in the new year, yet it is equally important that you let go of those “so-called” priorities, programs, and products that don’t contribute to your future success or the success of your business.

For You & Your Team

When does your team play at its best?

Many leaders describe situations where they were deeply involved and pushing the team to manage a deadline for a much-needed project, in other words, the narrative is largely about the effort the leader puts in.

Other leaders, when asked this question, look at me and say, “Honestly Dan, my team plays at their best when I am not around, and not in their way”.

You will never know how good your team is and how well they can perform if you are always in the middle of things.

Reflect on the times and situations where you think your team is playing at its best.

Where are you in the picture?

Such thinking may lead you to discuss the expectations you have of the team and what the team expects from you.

For You, Your Team & Your Business

A leadership team was struggling to come up with good solutions for employee development. Their employees had complained (via their annual engagement survey) that the company wasn’t doing enough to support personal development and growth.

Many of the executives were frustrated, saying that they had done a lot and didn’t know if more resources in this area were really helpful.

In my eyes, everyone was missing the point.

Personal development and growth are what it says, it’s personal.

While high-performing organizations offer avenues and resources for development, the starting point is each and every individual, taking ownership of their own personal development.

There is little in life more powerful, more motivating, more effective than to be in the presence of someone who takes ownership of their personal development and growth.

I asked this executive team, “How many of you have personally created a development and growth plan for yourself and shared that with those who report to you?”

Not a hand went up.

Personal and professional development does not start at the bottom or the middle of your organization, it starts at the top.

Put the finishing touches on your 2024 personal development plan and share it with those around you.

People, Places & Technology

Why don’t leadership teams coach themselves more effectively? There are good reasons to create a coaching spirit and process your leadership team yet this alone is rarely enough to help such teams play at their best. Here is how this important topic was addressed in a recent NORENBERG’S NINETY SECONDS.

Thought for the Day

“There is nothing noble in

being superior to some other person.

The true nobility is in being superior.

to your previous self.”

W.L. Sheldon


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