news2use | May 2022

The month of May was named for Maia, the Greek goddess of growth. May is known as the month of transition, as spring flows bloom or days grow shorter, depending on what hemisphere you live in.


Growth and transition are relevant themes for this month’s news2use, and I appreciate the investment of your time as you read through these ideas, tools, and insights.


In this issue, you can see how “strategically fit” you are, hear what can happen when leaders refuse to take no for an answer, and meet Steve Sasson, the Kodak engineer who invented the digital camera, and see how his executive team reacted to his innovative discovery.


Last, but not least, I’ll share some news about Dr Marshall Goldsmith’s latest book and his complimentary coaching offer connected with it. Marshall wrote the forward for my book, “Executive Ownershift, Creating Highly Effective Leadership Teams”, and I am certain his most recent book offers pragmatic insights to develop as a person, and as a professional – just waiting for my copy to arrive!


Enjoy your May news2use!



“Relevant & pragmatic ideas, tools and insights to play at your best.”

For You

How strategically fit are you? Rate yourself honestly on the following ten statements.  The purpose of the strategic fitness review is not to get a perfect score but to identify areas of development so that you can grow as a strategic leader. Use the following scale:


4-usually 3-often 2-sometimes 1-rarely 0-never


  1. I constructively and effectively challenge the status quo.


  1. I say no to those actions and tasks that do not fit into my (or my boss’s) strategic plan.


  1. I block time (weekly, monthly) to reflect and build on my strategic objectives.


  1. I ask questions that cause people around me (peers, customers, supervisors) to look at our business in new and novel ways.


  1. I have a clear framework from which I can review my leadership approach & performance.


  1. My direct reports can explain our strategy so that our overall strategic message is understood in the same way.


  1. I serve as a strategic mentor for emerging talents in our organization and in other situations outside of our company.


  1. I take the time to give people timely feedback, even when it might be critical feedback.


  1. When I hear people complaining or sharing negative rumors, I challenge them to confront the source of their complaining and to practice spreading “positive gossip”.


  1. I readily admit when I make a mistake to my boss and to those in my team.


If you’re not scoring thirty points or more and recognize that becoming a more strategic leader would be valuable for you and your organization, check out my “Becoming a Strategic Leader” program that starts in October. If you have additional questions, drop me an email or give me a ring.


For You & Your Team

“Nobody in my team says no to me. I don’t take no for an answer.”

Do you pride yourself as a leader that does not accept no for an answer? Some leaders readily admit this in an attempt to show their authority the team – only to see it backfire on them. Here is a short clip taken from an executive coaching exchange (names and places changes to honor our confidentiality agreements).

How do you encourage team members to constructively challenge and you and others in the team?


For You, Your Team & Your Business

How many “Kodak Moments” are presented, discussed, and dismissed simply because it’s not fitting for this quarter’s financial targets?

Here’s how Steve Sasson described the “Kodak Moment” (at Kodak) when he and his engineering team presented their successes about developing a digital camera to the executive team in 1975:

“It was filmless photography, so management’s reaction was, that’s cute—but don’t tell anyone about it.”

How do you and your leadership team ensure you don’t miss your Kodak moments?

People, Places & Technology

Marshall Goldsmith’s new book, “An Earned Life” is now available. If you profited from his previous best sellers, (“What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There” and “Triggers”) you’ll likely enjoy his most recent book. I have profited from Marshall as a mentor for many years and proud to be a member of his MG 100 Coaches Europe Program. While I normally order my books through small local bookstores, Marshall has an arrangement with that is as follows; order a copy of his latest book through and receive his 32-lesson online coaching program, where he coaches through the most powerful lessons from his book.

If you order your copy before May 14th, you’ll gain free access to the program.

Thought for the 


“If you are trying to disrupt the status quo

and beat bigger competitors,

you are not going to do it

by playing their game.”

Dharmesh Shah


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