Dirty Windshield Leadership Team

Dirty Windshield Leadership Team

“What’s the one word or short phrase that describes your leadership team,” I recently asked.

Each team member shared their word describing the team and explained why they chose it.

One member of the team looked at me thoughtfully, and then responded, “A dirty windshield.”

“A dirty windshield, “I inquired. “What is the connection to a dirty windshield?”

“Our team is like a dirty windshield because it shows that we have been on a journey, as evidenced by the dirt and bugs on the glass.

A clean windshield means that a team has spent too much time in the garage, not out fulfilling its purpose”.

It was one of the most vivid and unusual responses I had ever heard, and one I will not soon forget. More importantly, it energized and renewed the team for the challenges ahead.

One-word associations and the personal meaning behind them are an effective way to engage your leadership team in a different type of conversation.

An alternative is to ask the same question to those that report into the senior leadership team.

What is the one word or short phrase that describes your leadership team?



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