Do not let management tools distract you

Do not let management tools distract you

Consider the Ansoff Matrix, Balanced Scorecard, Cycle Time Reduction, Competitive Profiling, Engagement Surveys, the Growth Share Matrix, Portfolio Analysis Tools, PEST Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT, Reengineering and 360-degree feedback to name a few.

Organizational drama, sometimes called the “Best Management Tool Battle” takes place when people fall in love with their tools and miss what is really happening around them.

When was the last time, in your leadership meeting, people sat in silence, reflecting on what had happened in the past or what was happening at the moment and how you and others could learn from such situations?

Too often the urge to stand out means filling the (potential) reflective space with noisy, business chatter.

Management tools can be helpful and provide a process of analysis, create a common language to face problems, and steer leaders to value added solutions.

Do not let tools be a substitute for intentional reflection.

In other words, do not let tools turn you into a fool.


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