Engaging with Engagement

Engaging with Engagement

Employees that are not engaged, (or actively disengaged) mean $8 trillion dollars in lost productivity, according to Gallup’s Global 2022 Workplace Report.

This is why organizations spend a great deal of time, money, and effort on engagement surveys.

After these surveys are completed, leadership teams dissect the results, analyze and postulate why the results are what they are. A series of to do’s come out of such meetings that include workshops, communication plans and others ideas to boost engagement for the staff. Many leadership teams give the task to design engagement measures back to the staff to encourage bottom up ideas and actions.

Yet many leaders and their teams confess that these efforts do not lead to improved engagement results. After time, people see the engagement survey process with less optimism and more skepticism.

If you and your leadership team truly want to shift engagement, which ultimately means creating a culture of ownership, you have to make it personal.

What’s this look like?

It starts with saying THANK YOU. Thank your team, your department and your organization for the time and effort they put in to provide feedback for you and your leadership team, and when possible, do this in person, in a conversation, during a meeting, or town hall session.

Ask those around you, “What’s the one thing I could do that would help you be more effective, more engaged or have a more meaningful experience at work?”

Review your feedback and get back to those around you and let them know what you will change.

Be specific and let them know you’ll be checking in and asking them how they perceive your progress over the weeks to come.

Stop making engagement so distant and so complicated.

Lead the change you expect from others and make engagement, and a culture of ownership, personal.


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