Executive Team Excellence

Why Executive Team Excellence?

Executive Ownershift® is a transformational growth program for your executive and senior leadership teams.

Organization structures, processes or strategy are often blamed when your company doesn’t perform well. You can change the structures, the processes and even the strategy, but if people don’t change, you will always have more of the same. If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you always got, regardless of cosmetic shifting.

Far too often, people improvement and growth is addressed “bottom up”, because senior leaders are too busy with other issues, think they are already good enough, or are reluctant to address their challenges publicly.

If you want to change your business, leaders must change themselves. You can only improve and grow your business when leaders improve and grow. This shouldn’t start at the bottom of your organization, it should start at the top.

It’s top down, not a bottom up process and here’s why:

Executive teams are the moral and performance barometer of your organization. Everything they do and say, or don’t do or say impacts the entire organization.

Leadership teams who work with me go through a dynamic learning process called Executive Ownershift®, enabling them to clarify and reown their executive agenda, the starting point for breakthrough results. I am convinced that if you really want to get ahead of your competition, and stay ahead as a market leader, this is the only place you can start. Everything starts with the leadership team. Anything else is a distraction.

You don’t need legions of consultants to improve your business. I believe that leaders (when given the space, time and creative frameworks) can transform their own business. We shouldn’t rob leaders of the opportunity to create their own breakthroughs. Results come fast to executives that recognize that they are the starting point for improvement and growth. This enables struggling leadership teams to become good and good leadership teams to become great.

Clients Voices

Dan has been my coach and mentor for more than 15 years, in which he has contributed a great deal to my career. Without his help over the past four years our startup company would not be where it is today: global Blue-Chip clients, more than 80 employees, a solid investor base… and more. Dan’s vast experience is a real treasure chest full of best practices, mistakes to avoid and tools that help to overcome difficult situations. I would not like to miss having Dan at my side in future. It’s the best investment into my career and into the success of our company.
Christoph Straub, Co-Founder & MD at Loyalty Prime

Dan Norenberg is an extraordinary mentor and resource for both new and seasoned executives looking to consolidate and strengthen their leadership teams. I have already observed a greater synergy across departments in our organization that I know is due to Dan's instruction. It takes team building to the next level resulting in a more motivated leadership team. We truly enjoyed working with Dan and clearly see the results.

Marlou Janssen, President, BIOTRONIK, Inc.

Dan has been over many years a great partner, providing support and help for leadership challenges, specifically to support growth paths for leaders. His specialty is helping leaders in a global context, especially concerning cross cultural dynamics.

Jaime J. Obiols, Executive VP Global Sales Distribution, Weidmüller

Your collaboration with our executive team before, during and after our Company Kick-Off was outstanding and I really believe this landed us in a good spot to move the company forward.

Kevin Walker, President & CEO; San Francisco Reinsurance Company

Dan has done an outstanding job in getting us together as a management team rather than only individual senior managers. He has given us a great set of tools on our way to becoming an excellent leadership team. I would recommend Dan as an excellent and very experienced coach and look forward to our next session with him.

Frank Wiemer, CEO at IWIS Motorsysteme

Dan has been a trusted partner for Allianz Real Estate over the years and I appreciate Dan’s strategic thought process, his capacity to then execute and deliver, and throughout his interaction with the various Allianz team members. He has become an integral part of our leadership team.

François Trausch, CEO; Allianz Real Estate

My team and I are very grateful for Dan’s experience and expertise to further develop and improve our communication, leadership skills and team work. For me, personally, Dan’s open and honest feedback, coupled with his commitment to be available for me and my team when we need him has been very valuable for both our team, and our business.

Ervin Appelfeld, Senior Vice President; ZF TRW Koblenz, Germany

Dan helped us during our Executive Team Off-Sites and also provided coaching support for us between these sessions. I am particularly grateful for the individual advice he gave to team members outside the official parts of our program. I am sure it will have lasting effects.

Markus Miederhoff, General Counsel AM & Group Head Employment Legal; UBS

The fruitful sessions we had with Dan and our management team helped us tremendously to create a crisper picture of what our organization should look like and increased the collaboration and alignment of our business lines. Whenever we are again facing new challenges you and your team will be our first contact address.

Jürgen Gerke, CEO; Allianz Capital Partners

I have engaged the services of Dan and his firm several times throughout the last decade and his performance was without question exemplary. Dan has the ability to develop sustainable winning teams that readily embrace challenges and collaborate to new and higher levels of performance.

Ryan Rhoades, Head of Strategic Supply Chain; Siltronics AG

I strongly recommend Dan as an outstanding resource if you want to create a stronger and more effective leadership team or if you are in the process of developing a new strategy. Working with Dan was one of the best decisions I have made in my over 30 years of being in business.

Lars Henrikson, Group Vice President Implants; Dentsply Sirona

The interactions between us over the past two years have yielded effective and tangible results. I believe the seeds for this were sown in our first sessions with you and subsequent interactions in our country and in Europe have continued to support this success.

Dr John Ball, Country Manager UK & Ireland; Sigma Aldridge

Your pragmatic approach to learning has helped us develop a deeper sense of team with our senior executive group and enabled us to perform better as a management team. Your observations and feedback regarding our management meetings was equally appreciated and valued.

Bernd Bischoff, President & CEO; Fujitsu Siemens Computers

The learning experience with you helped us to facilitate and optimize our day-to-day teamwork, making the teams even stronger, cohesive and efficient. Another benefit is that all of the plants’ performance metrics improved and each site is now focused on helping each other, which can be credited to your great support.

Chris Olson, Head of Global Manufacturing & Supply; Ciba Vision

If I and some others were ever skeptical about the value of your approach let me ensure you that today we truly harvest from unexpected insights and key experiences which ongoingly influence our individual and of course our organizational performance to an enormous extent. Last, but not least, I enjoy working with you!

Dietrich Fechner, Chairman, Executive Committee; Ciba Vision

You have the unique ability to question, probe and dig to the root of issues, which may at first be an uncomfortable experience for those involved, but can ultimately lead to more effective problem resolution or more honest working relationship discussions. I have found your approach to be refreshing, passionate and one where the customer satisfaction with learning programs is of paramount importance, even when this means putting difficult topics on the table.

Sinead Browne, COO; Allianz Re

You dealt with the cross-cultural issues in the group very effectively and the energy you constantly display helped to motivate us to address them. We have come out of the experience as a much more effective team.

Colin Scoins, Managing Director; E.ON New Build & Technology GmbH
For me personally, you offer frank and honest feedback and also I have the highest respect for your expertise, professional abilities and personal integrity and have often recommended you to colleagues and business partners.
Amer Ahmed, President & CEO; Allianz Reinsurance
I am extremely grateful for the leadership workshops that we created and executed together for my management team in Switzerland. As a result I have observed improved communications, more effective teamwork and stronger leadership on a sustainable basis for my managers.
Trevor Jones, Managing Director; Sigma Aldridge Switzerland

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Dan Norenberg improves leadership performance and organization results through Executive Ownershift®, his transformational growth process for executive teams. As a trusted advisor, consultant and professional speaker, Dan’s mission is to enable executive teams and their organizations to play at their best.