How about a good book to light your fire?

How about a good book to light your fire?

We are two weeks into Advent and our four candles remind me that it is a special time of year.

While it’s not practical to share candles with you, I thought I would share four meaningful books that have really “lit up” my life this year.

All four are a great read and led to meaningful reflection for me. Perhaps this will inspire your holiday giving or be a new resource for you to explore over the holidays.

Here they are:

“The Good Fight, Using Productive Conflict to Get Your Team and Organization Back on Track” by Liane Davey

“Staring Down the Wolf, Seven Leadership Commitments That Forge Elite Teams” by Mark Divine

“Growing Through Reflection, A Journal for Action Learning Facilitators” by Dr Rosetta Pillay

“Executive Ownershift, Creating Highly Effective Leadership Teams” by yours truly

Thanks for your comments and support over the past year, it’s really appreciated!

What book has really “lit your fire” this year?

Please feel free to add to the comment section below and share the books above if you wish.

Happy Holidays!

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