How Personal is the Business Strategy for You?

How Personal is the Business Strategy for You?

Good strategy is both rationally clear and emotionally compelling. Logic makes us think and it’s emotion that causes us to act.

Yet strategy can easily become impersonal, flexing more muscle than mindfulness and personal engagement.

When we see that only 10% of intended strategy is actually implemented successfully, we know something is missing.

How personal is the business strategy for you?

Strategy that is all about being number one, dominating the market, or growing faster than everyone else is attractive to a handful of executives, yet these messages aren’t as meaningful, or personal, to the rank and file.

Strategy that focuses on helping customers, creating value, or enabling people do something better or different than they did it before, is a solid foundation for an emotionally compelling strategy.

It also makes company strategy more  personal, and this increases the likelihood of deeper ownership, the holy grail of engagement.

As professionals build their personal story into the company’s strategy, and invite others to do the same, personal involvement is created and this breeds commitment to the overall strategy.

Encourage second, third and fourth levels of leadership to develop their own stories around the strategy.

This requires everyone to understand the rational logic, make a personal connection, and take a stand, with their story as an important part in the overall strategy.

What’s your personal story around the company strategy?

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