Ice Cream Trucks & Good Strategy

Ice Cream Trucks & Good Strategy

The closest thing to human lightening is a kid bolting to the local ice cream truck.

The trigger for this “speed to action” is often not the sight the truck, but rather the ice cream truck’s song.

michaelwaters, staff writer for @thehustle, recently wrote about this phenomenon and the psychology behind choosing a compelling ice cream truck song.

The rules for an effective ice cream truck song:

-They are short and easy to remember.

-They are structurally simple, if it is too complicated, the message gets muddled.

-They are typically rooted in nostalgia, or a recognizable pattern.

Strategy often stumbles because it’s complicated, confusing and difficult to recognize. If you want a great read about the history of the ice cream truck, check out Michael’s article. It may challenge you to create clear and compelling strategic messages for your business.

How do you ensure that your strategy leads to laser beam focus and effective execution?


Photo by Vincent Creton on Unsplash

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