In Need of a Small Candle?

In Need of a Small Candle?

Being in a routine that’s not going anywhere can feel like a unpleasant and unproductive rut.

A routine or rut resembles a dark room. You want to get out but you don’t know where the door is.

If you could only find the door, you could get out of the dark room and disrupt the de-energizing routine that you are in.

Perhaps all you need is a small candle, something that can illuminate the room, just a bit, so that you can see the door and get out.

Spend some time to think about what this small candle represents for you.

Could it be

-a good conversation with someone who always seems to have a bright light burning in their room? (And perhaps an extra candle for you?)

-changing your perspective on this routine, like looking forward two years from now and then recalling what you did that got you out of that dark room?

-thinking how others, in a similiar situation, managed to create the light to get out of a room similiar to yours?

-finding two or three people that agree to help you find “the candle you need” to light up your room?

Routines, ruts and dark rooms are part of life; they come and they go.

Even with this being true, there is nothing that says you need to stay in a routine, rut or dark room longer than needed.

If you feel you’ve got all you  need from a particular situation or routine, go ahead and light your candle.

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