It’s meeting time – here’s why it matters.

It’s meeting time – here’s why it matters.

The executive team meeting is the DNA of your company culture. If you see things in your organization that frustrate you; take time to locate the “source” that starts or is tolerated in executive meetings.

If your meetings don’t start on time; do not expect your projects to meet their deadlines. If your meetings don’t have reputation for decision making and effective problem solving, do not be surprised if there is little sense of urgency in your organization.

Use leadership meetings to shape your future vision, craft your company culture and ensure that your customers are at the center of everything you do. Let leaders use meetings as a learning laboratory for wicked problems and as a springboard into value generating opportunities.

Is your executive meeting the best meeting in the company?

If it is not, do not rest until you have a plan in place to make it the “gold standard meeting”, one that sets an example for every meeting in your organization.

Remember, the way you do anything is the way you do everything.


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