Praise for Podcasters

Praise for Podcasters

Ben Hammersley, the BBC and the Guardian journalist, coined the term podcast in 2004. Today there are over two million different podcasts with close to 50 million episodes available to listen and learn from.

My mission is helping leadership teams play at their very best, and with my book now available, I’ve turned to podcasters to help me amplify my message and promote my mission that leadership teams are everything to the success of a business.

These experiences have been hugely helpful, and along the way I have met some super talented professionals and learned a lot through their purposeful podcasts.

As we close 2021, I simply want to say thank you and praise the folks that invested time and energy with me this year.

My deepest thanks and praise to John Murphy, Daniel Delank, Miha Matilevski, Jaime Jay, Aoife O’Brien, Adam Strong, Ted Teo, Guy Bloom, Khong Xiong, Maria Villablanca, Anar Umurzakova, Tony Martignetti, and Ryan Cote.

I invite you to look into these podcasters, each has brought something meaningful and valuable to my life and the work I do.

How do you select and use podcasts?

If you have valuable podcasts to share, place them in the comment section below.


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