Presenting Small Rocks to Your Executive Team?

Presenting Small Rocks to Your Executive Team?

Have you ever asked the executive team for more resources or a bigger investment and came away empty handed?

All too often the presenters, with legitimate needs, were talking about small rocks.

Put a couple of small rocks in your shoe. Even with those rocks in your shoe, you can wiggle and find a spot where the rocks become manageable.

Replace those small rocks with two larger ones. Regardless of how agile you are with your toes; you are not going to find a place that feels comfortable. It is just too painful. You must do something.

Too often, people base their presentations on their department needs. This is like a small rock in an executive’s shoe. They hear your pain, think if you just work a bit harder, or a bit differently, you will make it work.

Stress the big rocks, meaning the consequences of your problem and what it will cost other departments, your brand, or your customer. Executives now have a big rock in their shoe, feel the pain, and will be more willing to do something about it.

We can live with small rocks, the larger rocks we cannot.

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