Rat Race Leadership Teams

Rat Race Leadership Teams

Busy but not bold. Routine reporting. Status quo results.

Characteristics and patterns of rat race leadership teams.

Does the situation above look familiar? You and your team members work hard, yet you never seem to make the breakthroughs that you thought were possible when you joined the team.

What’s needed to break the rat race of busy but not bold, routine reporting, and status quo results? When will someone say stop; isn’t there another way to lead ourselves, our team, and our business?

If these feelings have crossed your mind, you are not alone. Only one out of five executives believe they are part of a high performing leadership team.

To break your leadership rat race:

  • CALL IT OUT: Things don’t get better until you say something is wrong.
  • DRIVE DIRECTION: Invest in a compelling vision, clarify strategic priorities, and spend less time and energy firefighting.
  • PRACTICE THE OXYGEN MASK RULE: You cannot help others until you help yourself. Leave the rat race by implementing a systematic process of continuous improvement in your team. Lead the change you expect of others.

How do you break rat race practices in your leadership team?



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