Resilient Relationships #1

Resilient Relationships #1

Six signature strengths separate highly effective leadership teams from those that struggle. Over the next six weeks, I’ll share one of these signature strengths, what it sounds like when it’s missing, why it’s important, and what it looks like when you’ve got it in your team.

I am unlikely to bring a problem into our executive meeting if I am made to feel stupid by the way another member responds to me or my issue, a leader expressed to me recently.

Leaders who won’t share where they struggle, feel reluctant to critic a part of the business outside of their scope, or fail to give a senior colleague feedback when it’s needed, are signs that resilient relationships are missing, meaning this team will struggle, which means everyone else in the organization will as well.

When resilient relationships are alive and well in the executive team, you will see:

  1. Getting the unspoken beliefs and perceptions spoken about
  2. Frequent use of open questions to learn another’s perspective
  3. Speaking in the first person and holding yourself and peers accountable
  4. Hallway and other short follow-up feedback exchanges after executive meetings
  5. Leaders expressing gratitude for tough, yet valuable feedback they receive
  6. Misunderstandings that surface are resolved quickly

How are resilient relationships, as a signature strength, showing up in your leadership team?


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