Result-Oriented Structures #3

Result-Oriented Structures #3

Six signature strengths separate highly effective leadership teams from those that struggle.

Each week, I will share one of these signature strengths, what it sounds like when it is missing, why it is important, and what it looks like when you have it in your team.

-We do not take enough decisions in this leadership team; we simply wait until it is too late.

-As a team, we do not have an effective system to communicate what we discuss in our leadership meetings back to our organizations.

Results-oriented structures important because they ensure 1) clear roles and responsibilities, 2) an effective communication system, 3) defined feedback loops and 4) clear decision-making processes.

When a results-oriented framework is present in the leadership team, you will see:

-dynamic and regular feedback exchanges between leadership team members

-an explicit set of guidelines that highlight how they communicate in face-to-face and virtual settings, as well as in written form

-intentional decision-making, and tracking the implementation of such decisions, via a decision score card or other tools

-clarity and alignment of roles and responsibilities in the leadership team

As signature strength, how is a results-oriented framework showing up in your leadership team?


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