Reverse engineer your hidden agendas

Reverse engineer your hidden agendas

“There are hidden agendas in my team. Everyone seems friendly on the outside but there are unspoken issues under the surface,” a CEO recently shared with me.

Hidden agendas distract leadership teams and cripple organizational performance.

No matter how clever you are, the hidden agenda game is clear to those outside the leadership team.

What are the unwritten rules in your leadership team, in other words, what do people talk about outside of the leadership team that they don’t talk about in the team?

List these statements and reengineer them, by turning them into positive statements that the team can stand behind. These positive statements can form standards of excellence and best practices to anchor positive interactions between team members and hold people accountable.

How would you reverse engineer these hidden agendas, identified by an executive team:

“Only act if there is a benefit for me.”

“Don’t try to enter anyone else’s functional kingdom.”

“Empower in principle, but not in real practice.”

Do not let hidden agendas distract your executive team or cripple your organization’s potential performance.


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