Running red lights in your leadership team?

Running red lights in your leadership team?

People run red lights because they think they can get away with it, they are in a hurry, or  serving their own interests and not considering the consequences of their actions.

You may run a light and nobody notices or gets hurt. You might get a camera flash and pay a fine. Or, you could cause property damage or kill someone because of your actions. (In the USA alone, two people are killed EVERY DAY because someone ran a red light.)

Yet if you knew that your actions would damage or injury to something or someone, you would not run that red light.

It is not all that different when leadership teams interact. When executives act, collaborate or take decisions without considering how their behaviors damage their company culture, discourage employee engagement, or tarnish their leadership values, they “injure” their own business.

If you see things in your business that are not running as they could be, chances are there are some executives running red lights in the senior team.

What examples have you seen of leadership teams running red lights?

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