Senseful Strategy Scorecard

There are five elements of a senseful strategy. There are:

  1. Clarity
  2. Connection
  3. Collaboration
  4. Contribution
  5. Consequences

Review the following statements to see to what degree your organization lives the five elements of a senseful strategy.

As you read the following statements, give your strategy a ten if you strongly agree with the statement, a one if you strongly disagree, or another value in between.

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Check your senseful strategy results here!

Score: 135 – 150
Congratulations. An excellent situation, however remember that at this state, complacency sets in quickly. Continue to challenge yourself and your organization.

Score: 120-134
Good results, as a starting point. Consider an outside in perspective, that is, if you were outside the organization looking, it, what is missing to go to the next level?

Score: 100-119
You are riding the fence. You can point to strategic successes, but do not overlook areas for improvement. Give space to the critical voices in your organization, they believe you can do better than you are doing.

Score: 80-99
You are struggling.
Stop trying to do more of the same. It is time to step off the hectic treadmill and reset the senseful compass of strategy. Start now before you fall off the cliff.

Less than 80
You are in trouble.
If you see things differently, proceed at your own peril. Otherwise, breathe deeply and review what the five elements could truly mean for your team and your organization if you deeply embraced them.

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