Share Your Jewels

Share Your Jewels

A poor man once found an enormous jewel, one of great value.

As the man was very content with his life, even with his very meager income, he pondered to whom he should give the jewel.

He thought who was most in need and after some deliberation, he decided to give the jewel to the wealthiest merchant in the village.

The merchant was surprised as the man, like many others in the village, was poor and needy.

Yet the man was insistent and said, “Oh dear merchant, it is you who is the poorest, because you lack contentment.”

Much has changed since the beginning of the year. As governments and organizations take new measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19, feelings of disappointment, frustration and even anger are easy to understand.

Yet disappointment, frustration, and anger distance us from the valuable jewel of contentment.

A quiet moment, coffee with a friend, practicing gratitude, and even deliberate deep breathing remind us that the jewel of contentment is at hand when we pay attention.

Share your jewels of contentment with others. When you share contentment, you don’t lose it, you multiply it.


Image by Parij Borgohain Toqo OSH-WYQ @ Unsplash

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