Size Matters

Size Matters

It’s the size of your ideas that matters.

Stop worrying about having a small team, a small territory, or being part of a small organization.

It’s not the size of your team, or your organization that matters, it’s the size of your ideas.

Truly talented people and high performers are attracted to people with big ideas, and even more motivated when they themselves are challenged to think and act big.

Don’t ever apologize or attempt to rationalize your team, territory, or company size as being small.

And if you do want to attract really top talent, and grow your business, you have to ask yourself, what’s the size of my imagination?

Truman didn’t worry about being “outsized” by Dewey in 1948.

Jobs didn’t fret working out of his parents small garage.

And David certainly wasn’t overwhelmed by Goliath’s size.

Remember that we’ve all got a little David in us.

Take your slingshot and start thinking and acting in a bigger way.



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