Smart Leader or the Smartest Leader?

Smart Leader or the Smartest Leader?

Are you a smart leader or the leader that thinks he or she is the smartest person in the room?

Be careful.

Leaders that insist on showing their people how smart they are damage team spirit and team performance.

Intelligence, smarts, or intellectual firepower is a positive leadership characteristic, providing you do not overplay it.

Here are the four signs of overplaying your smarts:

-the tendency to share your view first and then ask others for their opinion

-the need to have the last word

-frequently interrupt others to win an argument

-adding your ideas to others who bring their ideas to you (it is no longer their idea, it’s yours)

Effective leaders use their smarts to enable others to play at their best.

Smart questions engage others and will take you and your team further than you simply giving smart answers.

Being smart can help, but it can hold you back. It depends on you.

How do you deal with leaders that insist on being the smartest in the room?

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