Strategic Leader Fitness Review-Part I

Strategic Leader Fitness Review-Part I

To get an idea of how strategic you are, rate yourself on the following statements. Here are the first 8 of the 25 questions, with a maximum score of 100 points.

The purpose of the strategic fitness review is not to get a perfect score but to identify areas of development so that you can grow as a strategic leader.

Use the following scale:

4/Usually, 3/Often, 2/Sometimes, 1/Rarely & 0/Never

  1. I challenge the status quo.
  2. I connect peer priorities through cross-functional collaboration.
  3. I take ownership and responsibility – not only for good results, also for bad results even when it wasn’t entirely my responsibility rather than pass the blame.
  4. I say no to those actions and tasks that do not fit into my (or my boss’s) strategic plan.
  5. I block time (weekly, monthly) to reflect and build on my strategic objectives.
  6. I meet with competitors, thought leaders and other centers of influence to exchange ideas on trends in our business & industry.
  7. I ask questions that cause people around me (peers, customers, boss) to look at our business in new and novel ways.
  8. I use stories and metaphors to highlight opportunities that I see in our business.


Part II & III to follow later this week……

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