Strategic Leader Fitness Review-Part II

Strategic Leader Fitness Review-Part II

To get an idea of how strategic you are, rate yourself on the following statements.

Here are the second set of questions, 9 through 17, of the 25 questions with a maximum score of 100 points.

The purpose of the strategic fitness review is not to get a perfect score but to identify areas of development so that you can grow as a strategic leader.

Use the following scale:                 4/Usually, 3/Often, 2/Sometimes, 1/Rarely & 0/Never

  1. I lead my team(s) in a way that addresses both personal and organizational aspects of change.
  2. I have a clear framework from which I can review my leadership approach & performance.
  3. I strategize about what the future may look like and visualize how our business could address the opportunities and challenges at these future points.
  4. People comment to me that they can recognize the purpose in the strategy that I am leading.
  5. I share with those around me how our company or functional strategy serves and creates value for our customers.
  6. Our leadership team members explain our strategy in a similar way – thus giving those in our business unit the impression that we speak with one strategic voice.
  7. I serve as a strategic mentor for emerging talents in our organization and in other situations outside of our company.
  8. I take the time to give people timely feedback, even when it might be critical feedback.


Part III to follow tomorrow.

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