Strategic Leader Fitness Review-Part III

Strategic Leader Fitness Review-Part III

To get an idea of how strategic you are, rate yourself on the following statements.

Here are the third set of questions for the strategic leader fitness review, with a maximum score of 100 points for the entire 25 questions.

The purpose of the strategic fitness review is not to get a perfect score but to identify areas of development so that you can grow as a strategic leader.

Use the following scale:

4/Usually, 3/Often, 2/Sometimes, 1/Rarely & 0/Never

17. I have fun celebrating our successes together with my colleagues.

18. I enjoy other people trusting me. It makes life easier for me.

19. My way is not always the best way, and I am open and learn how things can also be achieved differently, through the ideas of others.

20. I have an agile mindset and work in an entrepreneurial way.

21. I treat everyone essentially the same, meaning I talk to colleagues in the same way as I talk to my boss’s boss, keeping everyone on the same eye level.

22. I pushback when it comes to hidden agendas and personally seek to foster a culture of transparency, honesty, and open communication – even though it might result in uncomfortable or conflict situations.

23. When I see a colleague or peer that is stressed or having difficulty; I seek to address this or help them in some way.

24. When I hear people complaining or sharing negative rumors, I challenge them to confront the source of their complaining and to practice spreading “positive gossip”.

25. I readily admit when I make a mistake to my boss and to those in my team.


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