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Introduce a “But Bucket” for Better Results

A “But Bucket” is a learning anchor, used during meetings to help people see how frequently, yet often unconsciously, they used the word “but” during business conversations. What you will see is how often people use “but” and don’t even know it.

Become a “Do Less Leader” and Create More

Busy leaders often produce mediocre results because they are simply too busy to recognize opportunities in front of them.  Often leaders solve problems but fail to dig deeper and wider and create improvements.  Busy leaders are distracted and this disrupts connections with others.  Several leaders have commented to me, “I’d like to meet more with my people but I have too much to do”.

Mixed Messages from the Matrix Organization

Today’s technology is convenient and can be a cost effective way to connect and build partnerships.  But technology can also drive a wedge between potential partners and turn misunderstandings into major turf battles if not handled professionally.  Here’s a simple tip – never, ever respond to an email when you feel your temperature rising.  Resist the temptation to become a “keyboard warrior” and instead pick up the phone and sort it out.  98% of these misunderstandings dissolve the minute you get your counterpart on the other line.  This enables you and your colleages to move into the partner and prosper culture much easier.

The Emotional Edge

Highly effective leaders are aware of the emotions they transmit, know how to manage these emotions and are able to competently recognize and deal with the emotions of others.

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