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Are you carrying hidden agendas in your executive team?

Are you carrying hidden agendas in your executive team? Hidden agendas in your executive team can cripple to your organization’s performance. Don’t waste energy and time carry hidden agendas in your executive team or anywhere in your organization, here’s a suggestion how to deal with them.

A 600-year-old leadership team off-site location?

Breakthrough learning locations, I look for off-site venues that are conducive to breakthrough learning and results – so if you have a leadership team that is looking for fertile ground to take their next big steps, I can highly recommend the Spread Eagle Hotel & Spa in Midhurst.

Nesting in the Executive Team – Part II

Nesting can happen quickly in the executive team. It diminishes initiative and ownership in the organization. If you sense the symptoms (see last week’s post) of nesting in your executive team, here are five “anti-nesting” strategies to get your executive team back on track.

It’s not the tools that make an exceptional carpenter (or leader)

Help your people find the courage to be themselves. This means knowing what you want, saying what you think and being in the moment with the people around you. Do not hide behind tools or busy yourself with diagnostics that take your eyes of the real issues. Resist the seduction of standardization that can infest organizations.

Size Matters

Stop worrying about having a small team, a small territory, or being part of a small organization. It’s not the size of your team, or your organization that matters, it’s the size of your ideas.

A bad boss is good business…

Gallup has done much work in this area and their research shows that roughly 70% of the variance in employee engagement is linked to the experiences they have with their boss. A bad boss is good business, unfortunately not for the boss’s company!

Result-Oriented Structures #3

Results-oriented structures important because they ensure 1) clear roles and responsibilities, 2) an effective communication system, 3) defined feedback loops and 4) clear decision-making processes. As signature strength, how is a results-oriented framework showing up in your leadership team?

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