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Delicate Dilemmas

“Does the CEO want me to run my business function, or be a member of the executive team?” This question was raised recently in an executive coaching session, loaded with a great deal of emotion. Can you see the dilemma? Senior leaders face this dilemma, and all too often it read more…

The magic (stick) of owning change

Suggesting change for others is much easier that taking the personal steps to our own change, yet meaningful change gets diluted when we ask others to change and not change ourselves. How do your senior leadership teams set the example for change they expect in others?

The Cobbler’s Children Go Barefoot

Like the cobbler, who does not see that only his children do not have shoes, executive leadership teams that fail to put themselves under the critical lens of continuous improvement miss the opportunity to own the transformation they so often ask of others. Learn the signs of a resistant executive or resistant executive team.

In some organizations, the official word is, “We trust you, you are our most important asset”, yet through unwritten rules and actions, they say, “We do not really trust you and in fact, if you want something, you have to go up three levels in the organization to get approval because trust is reserved for an exclusive and select few here”. How does your leadership team use trust to create a culture of ownership?

Miserable or Magnificent Failure?

We are all going to fail, at many aspects of life and business. While failing is an unavoidable fact of life, we can choose how we fail. A leader’s role is to help people fail magnificently. How about you, and your leadership team – in what ways are you supporting your people to fail magnificently or are you a part of a miserable failure culture?

The Executive Team Nest

Nesting behaviors can attach to any organizational team or function in your business. When nesting creeps into your executive team (or any other team for that matter), the team is not playing at its best. This puts your entire organization at risk. How do you ensure that nesting does not take place in the leadership team that you are a part of?

All the best to infinity & beyond

Embracing the spirit of unity and practicing meaningful collaboration, repeated over many generations, could become helpful habits for those who will make that very long journey, some generations from now. Every small action in this direction helps, and perhaps at some point in the distant future, those in front of us will look back and express their gratefulness for the way we led our lives and interacted with each other.

Frauen, fast eine Liebeserklärung

I could not help but think about the actress’s backstory, that only a few in the audience were aware of. 25 years earlier, I sat at her family’s dining room table, in a small Black Forest village, listening to Angela’s parents encourage her to pursue a real career, something more stable and traditional, something to fall back on if this acting fantasy did not materialize. Yet her passion, resilience, and determination to follow her instincts were already strong, even with the uncertain road ahead of her.

Must-Win Battle Scorecard

Last week I shared questions that help leadership teams reflect on their business performance, lessons learned, and missed opportunities. Here’s a highly effective framework that leadership teams can use to address and review their must-win battles.

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