The Preacher’s Bike

The Preacher's Bike

A new preacher was assigned to his first position, working with a more experienced preacher. The older pastor welcomed him and asked how he was doing.

“I’m fine,” replied the young pastor, “but a bit frustrated because someone stole my bicycle this morning.”

The elderly preacher said, “Very sorry to hear this, why not treat this event as an opportunity? Why not shape your Sunday message around stealing, as you have a personal story that would fit nicely?”

The young preacher appreciated the suggestion and prepared diligently during the week. The young man gave an inspiring and meaningful sermon at the Sunday service.

The elderly preacher said, “You did a great job – I’m just curious, though, why did you stop at the sixth commandment and not mention the seventh, do not steal?”

“Because,” said the young preacher, “it was in that moment I remembered where I left my bicycle.”

It is easy to blame others for inconveniences, injustices and events that make our life difficult.

Responsibility, accountability, and ownership are the foundations of our personal influence and power. When we step up, accept, and own the challenge at hand, we strengthen our self-confidence, resilience, and ability to improve things around us.

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