Use September to Spark Your Strategic Growth–Week 2

Use September to Spark Your Strategic Growth–Week 2

There lived an old man with knowledge and courage. A young couple approached the wise man and asked, “What is the secret to success? Is there something new we should be looking for to ensure we are on the right path?”

The wise man smiled and softly replied, “For something to be useful and valuable, if need not be new, as wisdom and lessons of the past serve us today.

Do not be over eager for the next newest thing; instead, look for novel approaches to existing wisdom and knowledge. This is the way of the wise.”

This short story is a perfect intro into my “Strategy to Spark Your Strategic Growth – Week II” resource recommendation.

“Top Management Strategy, what it is & how to make it work”, has been a hugely insightful resource for my strategy work with senior leadership teams. Authored by Ben Tregoe (the father of Kepner-Tregoe Inc) and John Zimmerman, this 120- page book was first published in 1980.

Why long-range planning is not the same as effective strategy, taking stock of your strategic I.Q., the driving force and nine strategic areas are all explored through Tregoe and Zimmerman’s client facing experiences, as no one has ever done before.

If you are truly motivated to become more strategic, and determined to develop your strategic I.Q., you will find a way to acquire this book, even if you must explore ancient bookstores to do so!

That is my September strategy resource tip for week two and looking forward to hearing about additional strategy resources from you in the commentary below. And I will be here next week to share another resource with you in September, week three!

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