Well-Being Moments of Truth

Well-Being Moments of Truth

Once the day gets rolling, it is difficult to get the quiet moments needed to reset our mindfulness, resilience, and well-being.

Our early morning sunrise choices are mega-important and set our emotional patterns for the entire day.

Breathe, balance yourself, read, mediate, and think about how you want to carry yourself throughout the day.

Likewise, be intentional about your sunset choices or how you close the day. Let go of negativity, recall moments of gratefulness, and take note of what you accomplished.

Mealtime choices. When you nourish yourself, do only this and in the company of colleagues (where possible!), family or friends. Eat slowly, enjoy your food and this time.

The choice to shift from professional to private life in the evening. Set up a routine or ritual that supports your step out of work and into your personal sphere.

Hold an end of work talk with yourself (or imaginary colleagues) and announce the close of the workday (remember to celebrate) and then close it.

These moments of truth are important, not because of what they help us achieve, but because of what they help us become.


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