What is Fractional Leadership Costing Your Organization?

What is Fractional Leadership Costing Your Organization?

Fractional leadership practices emerge when leadership teams don’t play at their best. This, in turn, prevents the entire organization from playing at its best, and can lead to disappointing company results. Here are early signs of fractional leadership in the making:

  1. Passive Acceptance. You see or hear things in your leadership team that aren’t consistent with the standards of excellence you created as a team and nobody calls it out.


  1. Sailing in the silo. Leaders don’t make effective collaboration a priority, instead focusing on their own business function.


  1. Soloing instead of choiring. Static shows up in your leadership messages, because the leadership team does not sing from the same song sheets,  fractionalized through personal interests.


  1. Uncertain Ownership. Who owns your executive agenda? If there is uncertainty related to the team of leaders’ agenda, it’s impossible for the team to play at its highest potential.


There is good news. Every leadership can identify and create measures to eliminate fractional leadership practices in their team. You will find many ideas in my new book, available here:

How do you address fractional leadership practices in you executive team?



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