Where does restructuring start?

Where does restructuring start?

It’s the start of a new year, covid has faded into the background, and a significant number of executive teams are exploring whether it’s the right time to restructure their organizations.

There are good reasons to reorganize, adjusting and aligning capabilities to serve clients and ever-changing markets, yet from my experience, the leadership team itself is the organizational unit that is least discussed, and least affected by organizational restructuring.


The core of any business is the executive team and the strategic teams that report into this senior team.

The executive team is the organizational unit that controls the company resources and makes decisions that determine strategic direction.

The way executives interact with each other encodes the performance DNA for everyone else in the organization.

Yet many organizational restructures are more about accommodating legacies and protecting people and their positions instead of creating a high-performance organization.

It is not surprising that only one out of three organizational restructures are considered a success by stakeholders. How can anyone expect people across the organization to buy-in to a restructuring initiative if senior leaders have not first considered and practiced restructuring ideas in the executive team?

Organizational restructuring work best when people witness executives setting the example they expect of others.

How do you and your leadership team ensure that you are doing what’s right for the business and your customers, instead of taking care of yourselves?



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