Where is your true finish line?

Where is your true finish line?

Tanguy Pepiot appeared to be a sure winner in the 3000-meter steeplechase, leading by a comfortable ten meters.

So confident of his win, he slowed and waved his arms to remind the crowd of his soon-to-be victory at the Pepsi Track & Field Invitational in April 2015.

Meron Simon, running well behind Pepiot, did the opposite. He increased his speed and upset the leader at the finish line, winning by 0.1 of a second.

A crushing defeat for Pepiot, yet a lesson he never forgot.

There was good reason to celebrate the COVID-19 vaccine developments, yet unreliable delivery schedules, empty vaccine centers, and European politicians bickering about who to blame for the current vaccine shortages remind us all of what happens when we stop short of the true finish line.

While vaccine “race officials” in Europe address the current disaster and redraw a finish line that signals all willing citizens have been successfully vaccinated; we can take much from this experience and learn from it.

How do you ensure that your team, and your organization, run through the true finish line?

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