Who said two years are the “terrible twos”?

Who said two years are the “terrible twos”?

It’s the two year anniversary for “Executive Ownershift, Creating Highly Effective Leadership Teams”.

My inspiration to write this book was driv

en by my belief that leadership teams are everything to the success of your business.

It is reassuring to see that I am not a lone believer, as leaders from a wide range of industries are using this book (and the resources provided) to help them create highly effective leadership teams.

Authoring a book is not without it’s challenges, and I am grateful for words of encouragement, helping hands, and support I got while writing this book.

Many thanks to Springer Nature Group for publishing my work as a first time author, and for the infinite patience of my Springer editor, Christian Rauscher.

And what a blessing to have Dr Marshall Goldsmith write the foreword for my book, thank you Marshall, and I strive to pay it forward!

A special thanks to Ervin Appelfeld, Amer Ahmed, Dietrich Fechner, Jacques Richier, Frank Wiemer and Lars Henrickson, executive leaders who took the time to share their insights and lessons learned about leading executive teams in this book.

I am grateful for the meaningful collaboration over the years – with an abundance of learning and breakthrough results for everyone!

The past two years with Executive Ownershift hasn’t been the terrible twos, its more like the terrific twos, and in this spirit, let me make the following offer.

If you (or your organization) order 100 copies of Executive Ownership, Creating Highly Effective Leadership Teams, I’ll spend day with you, your leadership team or another part of your organization that would profit from leadership team excellence.

Contact me via LinkedIn or via my web site for details on this limited offer, looking forward to another terrific two years supporting your executive ownershift.


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