Who Stays and Who Goes?

Who Stays and Who Goes?

When you inherit or take over a leadership team with members already in place, deciding who stays in the senior team, and who should be replaced is a critical management process.

Consider the filter five questions when evaluating leadership team members for the future mission ahead:

  • How and to what degree will this leader contribute to the future success of the business?
  • How well do they engage others to play at their best?
  • How well have they led change in the past and are they avatars of continuous improvement?
  • What kind of results does this leader create in the organization?
  • Would I want to compete head-to-head with this person if they were to leave our business?

Vowing to throw everyone overboard and start anew or promising to let everyone keep their jobs and maintain the status quo are poor approaches to building a highly effective leadership team.

The “filter five questions” is a good starting point on the road to improving leadership team performance and organizational results.

What advice or experiences help CEOs decide whether or not to replace members of their leadership team?


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