Why Cartoons Captivate Us

Why Cartoons Captivate Us

It is flattering to have a cartoon created about the work that I do, but instead of blowing the horn of self-promotion, let’s unpack the work of Ted Teo.

Ted’s an expert podcaster and understands that the cartoon format harnesses two powerful communication intensifiers, one being that a cartoon tells a story. All too often people rattle of statistics without tying it to a story. While facts tell us what happened, a story tells us why it matters.

Secondly, a cartoon is visual, and our brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text messages. We all know the saying, “a picture is work a thousand words” yet only the master communicators put this into practice.

As a leadership team coach, I ask executive teams to create a cartoon or visual story that describes what is happening or not happening in their leadership team. These images and stories expose blockages and bottlenecks that prevent teams from playing at their best.

Thanks for the cartoon Ted and it was a pleasure to exchange with you!

How do you use cartoons, stories, and visuals to help your leadership teams and business succeed?


Image courtesy of Ted Teo


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