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Executive Consulting

Leadership is everything to the success of your business.

This starts with the leadership team.

This is core to my work and fundamental to your success.

Leadership is too often addressed from the “bottom up”, because senior leaders are too busy with other issues, think they are already good enough, or are reluctant to address their challenges publicly.

My work starts with the executive leadership team because they are the moral and performance barometer for the whole company. When leaders truly want to change and improve their business, it’s important that they see themselves as the starting point for change and growth.

Most organizations and mainstream consultants see leadership as an individual endeavor. This is not the most effective approach because your company’s success depends on the effective teamwork and collaboration of your leaders, not their individual talents. This is why I work with leadership teams.

Executive Ownershift® is a transformational growth program designed to help executive teams play at their best. This process helps executives to clarify those issues that matter most for their current and future success, enables them to focus on these initiatives and then ensures that they implement and follow through on these issues. This brings momentum and success to the entire organization.

Executives often say this is the most powerful and effective work they have ever done as a leadership team. This is because we focus on real issues, in real time, for real results. At the end of the day, the Executive Ownershift® Program is effective because it helps executive teams reown their executive agenda. This renewed ownership to the things that matter most have a positively profound effect on members of the executive team, their direct reports and the rest of the organization.

If you lead or are a member of a senior leadership team and you feel there is potential that has not yet translated into performance, please contact us and we’ll discuss if Executive Ownershift® is an appropriate approach to create breakthrough growth for your leadership team and your business.

Executive Advisor

The best ideas often come through rigorous and challenging conversations; most executives admit they do not get the challenge needed for these ideas to rise. Other times senior executives are looking for a “sparring partner” where they can test ideas before taking them to their leadership team and stakeholders.

“It’s just good executive insurance to have you as an expert outsider challenge assumptions we have about our business and our markets”, a senior executive recently shared.

I have advised executive and strategic leaders for many years. Through these experiences, I have developed cross-discipline best practices that help you encourage ownership and exceptional performance. These insights and practices are innovative and proven solutions to help you become a high performance leadership team. My suggestions will bring immediate results to your team and are simple to replicate throughout your organization.

My advisory services support you and your business needs, addressing tactical, “in the now” situations and strategic options, as well as critical people decisions that impact the performance of your team and business. As your confidential advisor (for you or members of your leadership team), I will help you explore options, test assumptions and practice critical conversations vital to your success. My responsive and no nonsense approach cuts through the fog of diplomacy and politeness to get to the real issues.

If you are an executive leader who is looking for a professional partner to challenge you, and/or your leadership team and help you accelerate your ideas into growth actions, please feel free to contact me.

Leadership Growth Labs

Do you have a clear and deliberate roadmap that enables you to develop and improve greater than the rate of change around you? Would you benefit from the insights of an expert leadership mentor as well as high caliber, ambitious peers who, like you, want to maximize their potential as a leader?

If you answer yes, one of my leadership growth labs could be of interest to you.

The Leadership Growth Lab is made up of six to eight leadership professionals, often coming from diverse companies and industries and who share a desire to accelerate their growth as a leader and results for their business.

Growth Labs run for 12 months with two or three intensive leadership labs (two days in duration) taking place in Munich or any other location as long as it’s mutually agreed upon by all members of your Growth Lab.

During these Growth Labs, you have the opportunity to work with like-minded professionals to practice your understanding of high performance leadership, expand your executive network and get innovative tools and language from my coaching and mentorship to accelerate your confidence, speed and expertise in critical leadership situations.

In addition to the three intensive learning labs, you have access to me as your growth coach for the entire twelve-month growth lab cycle. This means you can use me as a sparring partner to help you play at your best when you need it most.

None of us is as smart as all of us; you will grow faster—with fewer wrong turns and much more enjoyment—leveraging the insights you develop in the Leadership Growth Labs. Throughout your growth lab cycle, you will get personal advice, practice sessions and strategic business exchanges on topics that matter most for your leadership success.

The fee for this 12 month program 12  €12.000 per person (plus VAT). As a learning incentive,  two people can join for €20.000 (plus VAT) by signing up at the same time.

Please contact me for further details and sign up applications.

For consideration to become a member of an upcoming Leadership Growth Lab, you:

  1. have experience leading teams, managers of teams and a business function successfully
  2. will provide a letter of recommendation confirming your leadership growth desires and aspirations from a mentor, superior or HR partner
  3. agree to sign a confidentiality agreement that states you will keep information, ideas and strategies specific to other group members businesses within the Leadership Lab and not exploit such ideas that would be advantageous for your business without permission of the contributing Lab partner
  4. commit to develop and share in writing with your growth lab colleagues your goals, business objectives and personal aspirations that you am committed to improve
  5. share your goals with partners and stakeholders inside and outside your Growth Lab who can observe “you in action” and provide candid feedback to you
  6. agree to the payment terms and meeting guidelines developed to ensure constructive and respectful interactions and accelerated growth for you and other Growth Lab members
  7. agree to make the Leadership Lab and work around the Growth Lab a priority for your personal and professional calendar for the year you are involved

Executive Events

I facilitate and speak at leadership gatherings to provoke your thinking and actions about how you can “raise your game” as leaders and as a leadership team. Executives tell me that my presentation content and style brings an energizing and fresh perspective to their leadership community, with pragmatic and powerful insights that they can take back into their teams and business.

Dynamic keynote experiences are a process not an event, and I work with you and your organization’s stakeholders to define and create a dynamic, engaging keynote or workshop tailored to fit a particular event or audience that is interactive and leads to sustainable change.

Dynamic keynote speaking to me means helping you to imagine, create and act with new mindsets and behaviors that lead to new results. My years of experience as a hands-on executive consultant and coach enables me translate these experiences into pragmatic tools for your success.

Every experience with me includes a sustainable growth takeaway package to ensure that messages, activities and tools are anchored in everyday business practice after our session.

To work with me at one of your upcoming conferences or executive events, please contact me directly so we can discuss how together, we create an executive leadership event that meets and exceeds your aspirations and objectives.

About Executive Team Coach Dan

Dan’s passion and mission is helping executive and strategic leadership teams to play at their best. As an executive advisor, coach and consultant, Dan designs and delivers breakthrough learning experiences for leadership teams who believe that business growth begins in the executive team. His expertise is coaching leadership teams to play at peak performance through a transformative growth process called Executive Ownershift®.

An organization’s executive team is a collection of highly talented and experienced leaders, yet only a few of these teams manage to play at their best and enable their people and organization to do the same, says Dan.

This gives the competition an unnecessary advantage and puts your business at risk. Yet for executives who realize that to create and lead a high performance organization they must create and build a high performance leadership team, this becomes an opportunity within their grasp. This is Dan’s expertise, developing high performance leadership teams, creating collaborative leadership cultures and enabling leaders to stimulate high levels of engagement and ownership in their organizations.

He has advised and coached over 100 executive and senior leadership teams and has led leadership growth initiatives in Austria, Great Britain, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. Clients include the Allianz Group, Biotronik, Ciba Vision, Dentsply Sirona, the European Patent Office, IWIS, Klosterfrau, Knorr-Bremse, Lego, Rohde & Schwarz, The Walt Disney Company, UBS and ZF TRW.


His professional career started in California, where he led sales and marketing organizations for technology firms while gaining recognition for his breakthrough training and development programs. Later Dan started his own consultancy practice and was nationally recognized for his efforts and achievements in people development and performance.

Upon arriving in Europe, Dan founded N Vision Learning Solutions GmbH, a leadership consultancy based in Munich. He served as Managing Director and Senior Learning Partner, leading executive and strategic learning initiatives for global clients as well as managing the consultant team.

Dan has degrees in Psychology and Criminology and has completed post graduate work in executive coaching, strategic leadership, complex team selling, negotiating, intercultural management, conflict management and team dynamics. Dan is a Narrative Coach™ Enhanced Practioner graduate and a certified coach for Marshall Goldsmiths’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching Programs.

Norenberg is a member of the Society for the Advancement of Consulting and has been recently inducted into the Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame, one of only ten in the world so honored in 2018.

He speaks at conferences, symposiums and facilitates strategic off-sites for senior leadership groups. He is ranked as a provoking thought leader in collaborative leadership, high performance and creating executive ownershift® cultures.

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About Dan Norenberg

Dan Norenberg improves leadership performance and organization results through Executive Ownershift®, his transformational growth process for executive teams. As a trusted advisor, consultant and professional speaker, Dan’s mission is to enable executive teams and their organizations to play at their best.