news2use | February 2022

February has arrived, month two of 2022! New tasks, goals and aspirations come to life, adding to our already brimming agendas. People, teams, and organizations invest much energy on the additionals that promise bigger and better results.


All too often, this leads to disappointment and despair later. Why?


New seeds sprout and grow in the garden when they have the space and resources to do so. If we pour too many new seeds in the garden, chances are, they won’t get enough light and resources to grow, unless we weed out some of the old. In business, like in the garden, we need the space and resources to help the new grow.


This means letting go.


It is easier to have a conversation about adding something new than a conversation about letting go of something – especially when we don’t know yet how fill this space.


What do you want and need to let go of to ensure your new seeds take root?


One of the joys of life is knowing what and when to let go; trusting that you and those around you will create something more valuable in its place.


Enjoy your February news2use!



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For You

Self-talk has a powerful grip on our behavior and performance, sometimes helpful, and in many cases not! Years ago, I learned a simple exercise to help stress-test my beliefs, assumptions & mindsets, especially negative or counter-productive ones. This has been a huge help to me, here is how it works:

Imagine you see an internal job posting, one that starts to excite you, and then you hear this voice that says, “What are you thinking about, they would never choose you for a job like that!”

1-Ask yourself – Is this really true?

This is a gentle way to confront your assumption or self-talk.

2-Ask yourself – How can I know this is true?

This question helps you look for examples to validate (or not) this belief.

3-Ask yourself – How do I feel when I hold this belief?

Be very specific about how this belief or mindset helps you be more successful or reach your highest aspired state or not.

4-Ask yourself – How would I be without this belief?

This is a mental re-engineering question that helps you explore the opportunities now available and what belief you would replace it with.

This mental mindset exercise has helped me work through self-doubt and that critical voice we all have – give it a try and see how this works for you.


For You & Your Team

As a team leader, effectively encouraging people to take risks, challenge the status quo, or learn from failure, accelerates business transformation.

Change initiatives and business transformations often struggle because people don’t know how to fail effectively, that is to the third degree.

In this Norenberg’s Ninety Seconds, I explain what third degree failure is, and how it helps your change and transformation initiatives succeed.


For You, Your Team & Your Business

Effective cross-functional collaboration starts with a solid understanding of what your peer functions are doing, and then the fine art of collaboration excellence begins to take place.

Leadership teams find the following functional priority exchange helpful. The leader of each business function prepares the following:

  • Describe the purpose of your business function in one sentence.
  • What are your three to five functional priorities (with KPIs) that demonstrate your functions’ success, for which you are the “functional owner” (yet may rely on others to contribute)?
  • Identify roles, responsibilities, and/or interfaces which are unclear yet or in conflict with another (in your eyes)?
  • Areas or topics where you need help to succeed, being as specific as possible.
  • What does success look like, for your function, at the end of 2022?

These five “talk points” help functional leaders explain their function and explore collaborative improvements with their business partners.



People, Places & Technology

I’m searching for thoughtful podcast hosts who are looking for guests to appear with them. Are you listening to business, leadership, or strategy podcasts that you find particularly helpful? If you send me a link to your favorite podcasts on these subjects (English speaking that is) I will send you a complimentary copy of my recent book, Executive Ownershift, Creating Highly Effective Leadership Teams. This offer applies to the first ten people responding – thanks a lot for your help!


Thought for the Day

I never learn anything by talking. 

I only learn things when I ask questions.

 -Lou Holtz


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