All the best to infinity & beyond

All the best to infinity & beyond

This is heartfelt “THANK YOU” to all who gave me the opportunity to support their leadership team and business development this past year.

Through such collaborative learning we can improve the customer experience, business outcomes, and in some small way, make our planet a better home for all of us.

This is important, because for the time being, we only have one earth, one place that all of us can call home, and we will have to pass this place on to future generations until they can live someplace else.

That someplace else could very well be near Proxima Centauri, a neighbouring star that is 4.2 million light-years (almost forty trillion kilometres) from us.

There are potentially habitable exoplanets that might be another home for us, but even travelling as fast as the Parker Solar Probe (700,000 kilometers per hour) the journey would still take about 6,300 years to reach Proxima Centauri, experts far more knowledgeable than me say.

This of course would require a transgenerational crew, which is certainly possible, however most likely not within our lifetime, or our children’s lifetime, or even or children’s children’s lifetime.

Being the forward-thinker that I am, and I would also see you in this light, the reality is that we will not be packing our suitcase for the next starship off to Proxima Centauri!

Yet we can embrace a spirit of unity and practice meaningful collaboration which when repeated over many generations, could become helpful habits for those who will make that very long journey, some generations from now.

Every small action in this direction helps, and perhaps at some point in the distant future, those in front of us will look back and express their gratefulness for the way we led our lives and interacted with each other.

I’ve attached a small photo of Proxima Centauri to help you embrace a spirit of unity and the value of meaningful collaboration, for today and for many tomorrows.

All the best this year and to infinity and beyond!


Proxima Centauri Image by the European Space Agency



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