Better Vision Builds a Better Future

Better Vision Builds a Better Future

Vision is a unique way to express the love of what you do and are.

Vision is not about what one wants to have, it is about what one wants to create.

Vision is based on a set of expectations and promises to yourself and others.

Vision cannot be gained without being shared, and sharing vision starts with me.

Vision is not a point in time, instead it is space that is full of opportunity and value.

When I know where I want to go, guided by a clear and compelling vision, I am free.

Vision is a team sport, where every member must contribute to its growth, and in doing so are nourished through one’s efforts to this jointly created source.

These are but a few of the insights I took away from Dr Oleg Konovalov’s Visionary Leadership Program last week. I am on the lookout for breakthrough learning opportunities where I can personally benefit and help my clients do the same through new learning, and I was incredibly grateful to be part of this experience.

During my extensive work with senior leadership teams, vision is a much-discussed topic, often only superficially addressed because the upcoming monthly results are easier to address, in the short-term cycle of immediate gratification.

Yet those that do the work to create a compelling vision outperform competitors by four times in terms of revenue growth. Vision also attracts top talent, who lean into organizations with a compelling vision.

Special thanks to my cohort colleagues, you helped bring this superb program to even a higher level than expected!

How does the strength of your organizational vision and all that it influences create a competitive advantage for you?


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